[NAFEX] Re: Online Pomona

Todd Ravitch travitch at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 26 09:16:17 EDT 2004

I have been a little behind on reading my list mail. 
I know that this topic comes up from time to time.  I
really hope that NAFEX does not move to an online
Pomona.  I appreciate many things online.  I grew up
with the computer. However, I must say that there is
nothing better than the publication arriving in the
mail, opening it, and sitting down with the paper
between you fingers.  I tend to read all the Pomona
articles, save a few that really do not interest me. 
I can not say that for the mailing list.  Most of the
communications here I tend to breeze right over
without reading.  I don't know maybe I feel that if it
made it into Pomona someone thought that it was
important enough to sit down and write it out so that
all would have access to the information from th
epublication point forwars.  It is just to easy to sit
at a computer and type out a quick email.  It is
almost second nature to all of us and a regular part
of our day.  To construct an article requires an
additional effort.

Just my two cents.

Todd Ravitch
NE Oklahoma 

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