[NAFEX] converted willingly

Heron Breen breen at fedcoseeds.com
Mon Oct 25 19:32:59 EDT 2004

Don't get thrown by the title here. I recieved a letter off list from Ginda, which 
I really appreciate, and it made me realize that there is a place for an on-line 
Pomona. Taking it a step further, I think if we can create a round-robin effect, 
such as Lon describes as the original intent of Pomona by looking presenting what 
is discussed on the list as discussion points for members, and also seriously 
looking at what non-list letters bring up, we can comment on each other. I guess I 
am grasping to integrate the two, and still keep the focus to diversify and lengthn 
Pomona. How to increase involvement...how to get folks to participate....Can't 
force anyone to write, but I am still intrigued by the old requirement that writing 
was the duty of members. Well, I am going to munch on an apple and ponder.

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