[NAFEX] NAFEX Fundraiser Ideas - Fruit of North America Cards

Heron Breen breen at fedcoseeds.com
Mon Oct 25 14:25:12 EDT 2004

I like this idea as a first step if we ever want to compile a book or workbook
too, just to see how responsive folks are to being involved. We could possibly
start using the fruits/plants of each quarter that has commentary in Pomona as a
starting point since we are already gathering info.
Thanks for the good idea Geoffrey,
>Geoffrey Tolle wrote:
>> Folks,
>>     To be honest, I've gotten a little confused on what's going on 
>> with these ideas. I know that there are ideas afloat to create an 
>> electronic index of "Pomona". I great idea and I'll try to help when 
>> things get more ironed out.
>>     I would like to suggest a different idea, one that could be 
>> started with the legal hassels dealt with up front and minimal 
>> electronic concerns. This would be electronic "cards" on different 
>> varieties of fruit. It would consist of basic variety information such 
>> as name, species, zones, origin, features, taste, uses, 
>> patent/trademarks, disease resistances/susceptabilities, etc., and a 
>> picture or two where possible. It should be possible to fit all of 
>> this on an html page and possibly even generate an "index card" like 
>> some of the cooking programs for printing out.
>>     We could make a list of varieties that we want to generate each 
>> year and someone(s) with experience with those varieties could fill 
>> out the form. Other people with experience with the varieties could 
>> then make additional comments. These could then be burned onto CD's 
>> and sold to interested parties as a NAFEX fundraiser. It might even be 
>> possible to link this with seedlings and scions sold for fundraising 
>> that year.
>>     Then again, perhaps someone is already doing this.
>>                      Geoffrey Tolle
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