[NAFEX] Online Pomona

Heron Breen breen at fedcoseeds.com
Mon Oct 25 14:18:14 EDT 2004

It seems there is quite a bit already scanned in...could I take a look at all
this stuff? Maybe burn it onto disc, or create a pdf and send it to me? Same goes
for the kind university Prof that has created a database: a hard copy would be
great! Then I and my friend could look at it and play with the different formats
already used and see if there is a way to combine or transfer or create into a
little deeper search style. Address:
PO Box 132
St. Albans ME 04971
Thank you all for thinking,

On Mon Oct 25  6:55 , 'Ed Forest' <edforest55 at hotmail.com> sent:

>I haven't read all the posts on this subject, but I did read that putting 
>past Pomonas on computer was being contemplated.  Therefore you can have 
>several issues that I have converted to text. I had planned on converting 
>all my past issues so that I could have a searchable document but it became 
>very time consuming due to the book form of Pomona (two colums rather than 
>one) and having to guide the OCR software in outlining it. (I think that was 
>the problem, its been so long).
>kevin B
>If you decide to give me credit for a membership fee for a year or two I 
>wouldn't object.
>Kevin Bradley 
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