[NAFEX] Online Pomona

Ed Forest edforest55 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 25 07:55:19 EDT 2004

I haven't read all the posts on this subject, but I did read that putting 
past Pomonas on computer was being contemplated.  Therefore you can have 
several issues that I have converted to text. I had planned on converting 
all my past issues so that I could have a searchable document but it became 
very time consuming due to the book form of Pomona (two colums rather than 
one) and having to guide the OCR software in outlining it. (I think that was 
the problem, its been so long).

kevin B

If you decide to give me credit for a membership fee for a year or two I 
wouldn't object.

<html><DIV>Kevin Bradley </DIV></html>

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