[NAFEX] NAFEX Fundraiser Ideas - Fruit of North America Cards

Geoffrey Tolle gtolle at infinet.com
Sat Oct 23 22:52:48 EDT 2004


     To be honest, I've gotten a little confused on what's going on with 
these ideas. I know that there are ideas afloat to create an electronic 
index of "Pomona". I great idea and I'll try to help when things get 
more ironed out.

     I would like to suggest a different idea, one that could be started 
with the legal hassels dealt with up front and minimal electronic 
concerns. This would be electronic "cards" on different varieties of 
fruit. It would consist of basic variety information such as name, 
species, zones, origin, features, taste, uses, patent/trademarks, 
disease resistances/susceptabilities, etc., and a picture or two where 
possible. It should be possible to fit all of this on an html page and 
possibly even generate an "index card" like some of the cooking programs 
for printing out.

     We could make a list of varieties that we want to generate each 
year and someone(s) with experience with those varieties could fill out 
the form. Other people with experience with the varieties could then 
make additional comments. These could then be burned onto CD's and sold 
to interested parties as a NAFEX fundraiser. It might even be possible 
to link this with seedlings and scions sold for fundraising that year.

     Then again, perhaps someone is already doing this.

                      Geoffrey Tolle

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