[NAFEX] Fwd: on-line Pomona

Heron Breen breen at fedcoseeds.com
Sat Oct 23 22:17:21 EDT 2004

I have no interest in developing an on-line Pomona, but I have interest in 
developing a fully searchable database of issues and email chats which can exist on-
line. The difference is many fold. 
There is no point in offering an online Pomona considering probably 2-300 members 
use it. It does not serve the widest audience. If you folks want to put one 
together between friends, feel free, but it wouldn't help me. I prefer to read. The 
best use for paper is to talk about the value of trees. Online and computers saving 
paper is the biggest farce of the tech-saves-enviroment concept. 
I favor a free database and a fundraising CD version. A database that is usable by 
everyone ie shareware communicates the primary concept of Nafex: sharing. I am not 
interested in proprietary usage and will suspend my involvement in Nafex if we 
start to close doors that are currently open. I would rather favor opening more 
doors for the very reason no one knows about Nafex. Here's another heads up:People 
have to find a use for something in their lives. I have spoken with many of the 
peopl I plan on giving memberships to and lo and behold, many used to be members, 
which does not suprise me considering they are my fruit mentors. They said that 
they let their membership lapse because they were not contributing and all people 
did was talk about apple flavors. Not affecting the world or communities directly. 
So I do not think I joined NAfex to be part of a secret club that holds some great 
info. Can't anyone call our chairpeople and get help on a plant question or are we 
being rude? None of us knows more than a few good books, a few good conversations, 
and some experience, whether you are a phd or a layman like myself. I am not 
keeping anything from anyone, or teasing them with a taste of our supposedly great 
worth or wisdom. If that is the prevailing sentiment, I am not interested. I am 
here because I like to share, be shared with and I do this in normal life too. I 
hope we all do. Lawyers who don't give advise off the clock are not my cup of tea, 
as well as doctors that drive saabs but won't give their time away to help the 
uninsured because of the fear of the LAW.
Fix and improve the current Pomona by helping edit, add, and diversify, show each 
other our positive committment and involvement, and it will draw like-minded 
people. They will pay money to be involved not because of Nafex Great Enlightenment 
but because they like the community and have a use in their own lifes.  
By-laws are changed with one vote, or not. Majority ot representative democracy 
rules. I assume board members are voted in, and if the wind shifts could be voted 
off or new folks added. This is an issue of participation, not conflict.
A few months ago I asked Lon if someone can write an article for Pomona if they are 
not a member. I believe answer was yes, although a certain circumstance. I never 
saw a restriction on that in my membership orientation, and I am not going to turn 
down good info. Paying dues means I want to help run the infrastrucure by funding 
it, really a donation. I found wonderful fruit long before I joined Nafex, not I 
found wonderful Nafex and then found fruit. But my success sharpened because now I 
found people to share my discoveries with. Although I don't see much original fruit 
or breeding since I joined as part of the conversation, but these are the events 
that inspire me, not whether St. Edmunds Russett is worth growing, but it is all 
great and valuable. 
I say collect all the useful links and information and format it in a incredible 
little site that gives because that allows us all to give back from our sharing. As 
soon as you restrict sharing, it goes away. There is a spirit in such actions, that 
if not fully honored does not give back fully, in fact it becomes fairly useless. 
We should WANT to do this. Hell, I send every useful link to friends I know as 
other members bring them in anyways, so its not like the doors are closed even if 
some wanted them to be.
The keys to the kingdom are in your heart being open. There was a young kid at an 
apple function I was at today, and he gleaned info from at least ten folks, on 
apples but also indirectly on how to be a human being and help each other. But we 
also gave him humor to know this fruit stuff should be fun and not eat your life. 
I will focus my efforts on the database/searchable cd proposal and the Pomona 
improvement and trying to find out whether the Auction process is worth being 
involved in. And maybe grants. It seems like there are already many avenues for 
involvement that just need...involvement.
Oh yeah..the trees never charged me a cent for sitting back and learning something 
about Nature and myself. So I ain't doin this fo money.

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