[NAFEX] taste test two new apples: Hampshire and Fortune

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Sat Oct 23 16:04:20 EDT 2004

I was at the local fruit stand today, and bought a few of two newer 
apples that I hadn't tried.  I thought I would share my reactions with 
other NAFEXers.

First, I tried Hampshire.  I really wanted to love this apple, but I 
confess that I didn't.  It is large, attractive, and has a pleasant 
balance of sweet to acid (to me).  But I thought the flavor lacked 
depth.  It was similar to a McIntosh, but a little crisper and with a 
simpler, less rich flavor.  It wasn't quite as sweet as an excellent 
Mac or Macoun.  It was a good apple, but not a very good nor an 
excellent apple, to my tastes.  Of course, I only bought a couple, and 
they were all from the same source.  I don't know if the handling and 
growing was ideal.  Still, I was disappointed.

Second, I tried Fortune, mostly because the salesguy said it was his 
favorite of the more sour apples.  (I like an apple with some bite.)  
This used to be NY429.  This apple is a winner.  The skin is a little 
thick and a mite bitter for my tastes, but that might make it easier to 
grow.  The flesh was slightly yellow, and had an ordinary consistency.  
Not mealy, but nothing special.  But the flavor was superb.  Very rich, 
with lots of undertones, and very sweet.  Very well balanced, too - no 
single note stood out.  It is also a fairly large and attractive apple, 
although quite ordinary in appearance.  (I couldn't remember its name 
when I got to the counter, and the two salesclerks guessed about 5 
other apples without guessing what it was.)  I ate it in the parking 
lot, and didn't start the car, because I was having too much fun 
savoring the flavor.  I hope this one catches on, because I hope to eat 
it for many years.

Happy harvesting,

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