[NAFEX] Re: ladybugs

Del Stubbs northernlights2n at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 23 09:39:59 EDT 2004

Seems to be a bit fewer of them here in Northern Minnesota this year. A
friend who has a rustic log home had lots of them last year  and he
developed a severe allergic reaction to their presence in his house.  I
wonder what they give off?
I noticed if one crushes one dozens congregate on the body - either to
have a feast or to  mourn the dead - I didn't ask. Del

>   I'd like to hear how the Lady Bugs populations are for different
> locations this year. So far there have been fewer moving in for the
> winter
> here than last year, 

Del Stubbs  http://www.pinewoodforge.com   zone 3   N. MN

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