[NAFEX] Online Pomona

Pat Meadows pat at containerseeds.com
Sat Oct 23 08:47:37 EDT 2004

On Sat, 23 Oct 2004 08:12:24 -0400, you wrote:

>I don't think anyone has seriously proposed replacing the paper copy of 
>Pomona with an electronic-only copy - lot's of people, including tech 
>savvy people, still prefer to read paper.  That's even true in "techy" 
>fields, and will certainly be true among fruit growers for the 
>foreseeable future.  I actually joined NAFEX primarily for access to 
>this mailing list, and see Pomona as a fringe benefit, but I would 
>prefer to get Pomona on paper, for instance.

I think several (many? most?) of you are laboring under a
misapprehension.  Anyone can join this list.  I'm not a
member of NAFEX but joined the list because I thought it
would be interesting (and it is).  

There are no restrictions on joining this list.  I would not
have joined had I realized that the list is intended to be
'members only'.  

As it is, having now become interested, I'll probably join
NAFEX and become a member.  An example of open access
getting another member...

>1)  Yes, the content should be password protected.  Each member should 
>have his own membername and password (otherwise the general password 
>will end up posted on the internet somewhere, and the protection will 
>be useless.)
>2)  Some content should be available to any passing browser, as a 
>teaser and as a service to the broader horticultural community.  I 
>would suggest the table of contents and two or three articles of 
>general interest (with the author's approval, of course.)   Chattier, 
>more personal stuff, and some of the more valuable general interest 
>content, as well as the plant exchanges should be kept private.  
>Especially the plant exchanges, as most of us would be more comfortable 
>with "blind" commercial transactions with a fellow member than with 
>some random person who just stumbled across our web site.  But most 
>commercial magazines now give away some content to encourage people to 
>subscribe, and I think that makes sense for NAFEX, too.

This seems a reasonable plan to me, and I'd add:  archives
of selected articles from back issues to be available to the
general public.  Most online magazines that I read are like
this:  the current issue is largely available to subscribers
only, but back issues are largely available to anyone.  They
seem to feel that it doesn't cut back on subscriptions.

Then too, there is the possibility of carrying advertising -
a revenue maker.  This would almost certainly require that a
substantial portion of the site be open to non-members as
well as members.

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