[NAFEX] Pamona feedback

Mark_Bugaieski at rlicorp.com Mark_Bugaieski at rlicorp.com
Fri Oct 22 18:06:28 EDT 2004

Replying to Jim's request for comments - I enjoy this e-mail exchange, but
would still DEFINITELY want the hard copy of Pamona.  Nothing like a fire,
glass of wine, and reading Pamona planning on "fruit/nut adventures" for
the following spring!  I also wouldn't mind an increase in dues - I've
always been amazed at how cheap they are.

Also, thanks to everyone for information on hazel flowering - now I'm going
to have to go out and examine the plants more closely this weekend!

One additional comment:  for those of us who get this listserv as a digest,
it would be great if everyone would "trim their posts."  For example,
there's one thread on there currently that lists a bunch of apple varieties
and as people comment and don't delete the previously stated info. (except
for pertinent facts to understand the thread), the thread on the digest has
become huge and takes a long time to scroll through.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Mark in IL

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