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Teghtmeyer, Suzanne R srt175f at smsu.edu
Fri Oct 22 14:55:10 EDT 2004

Hi Sam,
Do you mean a link to my website? That's fine with me! Now the database
is another story - it is on my hard drive, not a web server, and thus
inaccessible to be searched by anyone but me.
Regarding the find search/function, I've gotten a couple off-list
responses that the site is too slow to load, so I will be breaking it
down into smaller pages, most likely by decade. Consequently, people
will have to search the pages independently of each other.
FYI, I have updated the site to the Spring 2004 edition.
Regarding the NAFEX site - yea, the library page hasn't been updated
since January 1998. Can that be remedied?

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There is no reason why there could not be a link from the NAFEX Web site
to your database of NAFEX articles right now.  A user could always look
for an article on a specific topic by using the "Find" or "Find in page"
function of one's browser. 
Who serves as the NAFEX webmaster/webmistress?   The link to the list of
books in the NAFEX library no longer works, either. -- Sam Brungardt,
St. Paul, Minn.
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Hi All,
A year ago a student and I indexed all the issues of Pomona into a MS
Access database that the Paul Evans Library of Fruit Science had at the
time. I then converted the table to text, tossed in a bit of HTML code,
and launched it as a website. That website address is
Admittedly, this page is HUGE! Let me know if the load time is too long
for home computers/ 28.8 connections, and I can break it down by decades
into smaller pages. It's just easier to use the 'Find' function (CRTL+F)
on one page rather than many.
I haven't updated the website recently (July 30, 2003 to be exact), but
will do so in the coming day or so. All of the entries are still in the
database, so I can always send it to someone who wants to go the next
step. Also, any missing issues from the Evans collection are not in the
list, because I don't have the table of contents to work from, of
course!! I can add them to the database and website if anyone cares to
send them to me. (Having the missing issues would be nice if there are
extra copies out there...)
Because I have all the articles in a searchable database, I can sort,
run queries, and other fun stuff to the records as needed. I don't mind
doing that for those who ask.
Kindest regards,
----Suzi Teghtmeyer
Paul Evans Library of Fruit Science
Missouri State Fruit Experiment Station and Mid-America Viticulture and
Enology Center, 
Southwest Missouri State University, Mountain Grove Campus
Evans Library Homepage: http://library.smsu.edu/paulevans/
AgNIC Viticulture site:
Email: srt175f at smsu.edu
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