[NAFEX] Help me pick which fundraiser apples to buy

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So far I have only seen a few in the house this year.  Nothing like the hundreds last Fall.  I am in zone 5 near Lansing, MI(south central lower Michigan).

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>  I'd like to hear how the Lady Bugs populations are for different
>locations this year. So far there have been fewer moving in for the winter
>here than last year, which was a little too much company for a guy who
>lives in the country. That may not be the last word as I still see them in
>the orchard and the grapes though the fruit is almost gone now. The next
>warm, sunny day with calm winds will tell, but there won't be many more
>like that.

We haven't had any come in the house yet this year (in
northern Pennsylvania).  

We have not (yet) had hordes of them, but have had maybe a
couple of hundred each autumn.  So far this year:  none.  

Fingers crossed. :)  Maybe some natural enemy or disease is
getting hold of them, or maybe our wet, cool summer wasn't
to their liking.

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