[NAFEX] apple seed germination

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Apple seeds may take 3 months to break dormancy, but many plant seeds, 
including apple, are able to germinate almost immediately if they do not 
become dormant and are in a suitable environment.

The seeds would normally have entered dormancy when they dried out, but you 
apparently placed them in a suitable environment (the refrigerator) before 
allowing them to do so.

Goof luck with the experiment!

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>Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 08:20:13 -0700
>From: "Mark Lee" <markl at nytec.com>
>Subject: [NAFEX] apple seed germination
>My four year old went fruit exploring with me in my neighborhood.  We
>found an apple tree that was dropping apples into the street.  He asked
>me to pick one of the fruits off the tree.  He really liked this apple.
>He was munching away at it, and when he got to the seeds, he collected
>them.  He gave me the handful of seeds and he said "Make me a tree,
>Daddy.".  I was starting to explain to him that apple trees don't come
>true from seed, but then I had another idea.  I told him how apple seeds
>need a cold treatment to start growing, and that apples would take years
>to show up on the tree.  He could learn many things from this little
>So on October 11 I popped the seeds into the frig, wrapped in a moist
>paper towel in a sandwich bag.  Last night, October 21, I checked on the
>seeds.  After only 10 days in the frig, one of the seeds has already
>sprouted!  How could that be?  I thought it took at least 3 months for
>an apple seed to sprout.  What is the typical time required for apple
>seeds to sprout in the frig?
>-Mark Lee, Seattle, z8a

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