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Thu Oct 21 22:25:45 EDT 2004

On Oct 21, 2004, at 8:35 PM, Heron Breen wrote:
. . .Another idea: NAFEX could create for general sale, a series of our 
own books called
> simply: How To Grow Heirloom Apples. Then one for pears, etc, 
> including ones on
> nuts and fruits like paw paws and cornelian cherries. Full Color, Hard 
> Bound, Big
> size, Picking one hundred heirloom apples, discussing their GROWING 
> characteristics
> in truth and detail, gleaned from the donated knowledge of those of us 
> in NAFEX.
> Also showing four different styles of caring for orchards as a whole: 
> commercial
> and small scale IPM, backyard, organic, and with animals, from a few 
> different
> regions. We would send a flyer around to every member to list what 
> varieties they
> have grown and tasted and which they would think would be included. 
> Then all of us
> would about which ever ones we had experience with. The interesting 
> and pertinent
> info would be edited and create a narrative and factual presentation. 
> We print
> them, maybe through Mother Earth News, or Chelsea Green Publishing, or
> independently, and the profits go to our coffers. And in the process 
> we distill the
> true strenght of NAFEX, our combined vast knowledge. I am ready for a 
> new two year project.
. . .

I think that's a terrific idea, whether it makes money or loses money.  
It would create a lasting and valuable distillation of some of the 
value of NAFEX.  Personally, I'd rather it include a couple of valuable 
but less grown modern apples, but the exact content would obviously be 
mostly up to the people doing the heavy lifting.  Having never grown an 
apple tree to fruiting, that couldn't be me.  I'd be happy to help with 
editing or indexing (picking the words to go in the index is an art) or 
whatever else I might be able to do.


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