[NAFEX] bylaws about contributing

Regina Kreger regina at kreger.net
Wed Oct 20 22:26:50 EDT 2004

Oh, I'm a new member too and I do remember reading that and feeling a little
nervous.... I'm not only a new member but also a new orchardist -- so new,
in fact, that I have yet to plant my first tree! In fact I wondered if maybe
I wasn't too inexperienced and ignorant for NAFEX, maybe it was an
organization for serious experts.....

But I like the idea that it's just about writing a letter to a group of
like-minded folks to let them know where I am in my fruit exploring
adventure. It's not a professional association, more of an amateur society
(as the website says, even the professionals among us are amateurs in the
true sense of the word). I'm so excited about the chance to finally grow
some old and unfashionable fruit, and I am so glad to have a forum of people
who can relate to that excitement!

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> As a newish member, I didn't know that.  Maybe it
> needs to be made more obvious?
> I wouldn't mind writing about what all I've planted,
> I've actually got quite a variety - but its too early
> to write about the taste or produtivity. I just won't
> have thought it would be that interesting.
> > result, it was in the bylaws that all members had to
> > contribute an
> > article at least once every two years.  Now, people
> > are either lazy, or
> > don't feel they have anything to contribute, or are
> > scared off by
> > articles written by more experienced members.   So
> > we don't get as many
> > people writing, when all we want is what is
> > essentially a letter.  Just
> > a little missive to tell us what you are doing and
> > what's new.
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