[NAFEX] Fundraising

Regina Kreger regina at kreger.net
Wed Oct 20 22:10:07 EDT 2004

Another consideration: what exactly are we raising money FOR, beyond having
enough to be able to continuing publishing NAFEX in North America instead of
outsourcing it to India? And maybe enough to cover the one-time cost of
archiving past POMONAs electronically? We might get a lot of money from
grants but what exactly do we plan to spend it on? Basically, it seems that
NAFEX ain't broke, just maybe could stand a little duct tape and some
tweaking here and there: we need to raise our revenues a little (how much
are we short?) to cover ongoing costs, and many of us participating via
e-mail would also like us to be able to invest in archiving old Pomonas
electronically. I don't mean to dampen enthusiasm at all, actually it's
great to see so many jumping in to get involved in creative ways in support
of the organization. Just to remind us all that we will not necessarily
benefit from raising as much money as we possibly can, even though we could
surely easily find ways to spend it. Let's keep it simple.

My two cents on the Mother Earth News proposal (maybe it's only worth one
cent since I'm such a newcomer to NAFEX, I've only gotten one Pomona so
far...): I don't really like the idea of making the past issues of Pomona
available on MEN's website. Pomona is a primary member benefit of NAFEX -- 
how many members would drop out if they could get it without joining? Unless
MEN is going to restrict access to it to their own subscribers, and then
subsidize NAFEX with a percentage of their subscription revenues, it seems
like a losing proposition for NAFEX.

More importantly: even if we broke even economically, it changes the
character of the organization and of the journal itself. Once we agree to
publish Pomona on MEN, we're no longer writing articles for our own little
group-mates, we're writing for a public magazine, available at newsstands
and all. How much more intimidating is that!  Pomona is a round-robin letter
among people who love exploring varieties of fruits & nuts. It's not a
historical publication, that was printed 50 years ago and it's time for it
to pass into the public domain -- it's a living newsgroup, it's a private
conversation among "friends", about a topic we're all excited about (even
though most of us may not have met, it's got that character to it). Talking
among ourselves, we don't have to explain or be shy about our enthusiasm, we
are among kindred spirits. I know lots of kindred spirits read Mother Earth
News too -- I subscribe myself! -- but opening our insiders' conversation to
a non-NAFEX audience would, I feel, change the character of it. And past
issues were written for their fellow NAFEXers, too, not for the general
newsstand public.

Nuff said. Just my cent worth.

(Eventually, for the benefit of the unconnected, this discussion probably
should get summarized for Pomona.  Dontcha think?  When's publication

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> For grants you need to research a grants database and write a proposal.
Unless you go online and find someone who does that for a living, and offer
a stipend to have them submit one for you.
> The research end on finding a company/corp/gov agency that sponsors a
grant for this type of project is extremely time consuming.  Do we have a
retiree willing to volunteer a month at the library?
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