[NAFEX] consolidate

Heron Breen breen at fedcoseeds.com
Wed Oct 20 18:53:55 EDT 2004

Hi all, much thanks for everyone adding into the pot of ideas.
I think we may need to slow down a little. Let's formulate three or four working 
ideas and propose them to the board and the general membership through Pomona. I 
see these working options:

1- the Mother Earth News proposal needs to be discussed quickly by the board, as 
well as proposed to the general membership via Pomona. This project may hatch many 
of these ideas and more, from an online Pomona to an electronic ongoing compedium, 
as well as new members and a place to sell plants and other items for fundraising. 
This alliance could be the foundation for many structures. I hope someone from the 
board has read this proposal and is doing some fast calling to call a meeting. 
Either the board or another working group needs to flesh out some details and 
present it for the readership in the soonest Pomona.

2- The cd or searchable database. A formal volunteer exploration is in order. I 
will talk to some folks who do this kind of thing for a living to see how much it 
would cost if not volunteered, within the formats discussed and others not. For 
those of you who have written with explicit ideas, please volunteer to talk amongst 
each other (I would like to be in on it) and come up with a Pomoma article asking 
for involvement as well as options for how we might fund such a task, ie 
production. I am not sure that anyone is really saying they would volunteer to scan 
the whole thing, or compile the whole thing, which is tons of work, but if three or 
four people are serious, they should raise their hands and help with the proposal. 
A call to our Pomona editor would be in order as well to ask some of these specific 
questions. I am sure that person could use volunteers just to put out the regular 
Pomoma as well.

3-Fundraising ideas and grant ideas. Again, another working group to write an 
article for Pomona and inquire of the board. Maybe there is a grant-knowledgable 
person for whom this would be enjoyable, or persons, but many of them may not be on-
line. Fundraising-wise, ie actually selling something to members and non-members 
still needs more fleshing out. Seems seperate from the Pomona database issue, 
although maybe not in a Mother Earth News way. Bequests and those investment 
dividend things would be great to look at too. Maybe talking with a financial 
planner type?

4- Gift Membership: could someone take this on and follow shutes and ladders and 
report back to the online community (and I really mean that word) as well as write 
a Pomona article. 

5- I would be grateful if an article could be written by a board member, or someone 
in the know, how decisions, and ideas, come to pass or are implemented currently. 
In other words, telling the rest of us This Is How To Get Involved In Nafex. A 
laypersons communication of the bylaws would be great too! This would help us to 
know the process by which we propose a policy or direction change, become a topic 
chairperson, get on the board etc. Pretend we are all dumbies. Most of us members 
don't really know what it is we are supposed to do...sad but true!

I think the Mother Earth News Prop. is a great idea. Don't think I have the 
authority to be involved in its formation. Defer to the Board on that one to do the 
heavy lifting with additional voices of us all chiming in, but I think this a year-
long development process. Same time-line with the cd-database Pomona idea, but I am 
volunteering to do a little research and get back to this list, as well as join in 
off-list discussion of ideas. And I would be happy to help with the fundraising 
discover process. I will also help write Pomona articles on these issues.
But we need like ten people on each of these topics going a decent pace for the 
next year and longer. The feedback from the Pomona issues needs to go to one person 
who prints, or distills the responses for future directions. 
So, let's begin with a little: I will commit to this project round robin.

Also, this is the first time I have spent time on the internet and felt part of 
something real and human. 
Thanks all,

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