[NAFEX] betulifolia vs OH x F

Ed Forest edforest55 at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 20 18:01:58 EDT 2004

Is there any advantage, (other that possibly size control) of OH x F over 
betulifolia? Seems there must be or Westwood would have gone to betulifolia 
instead of OH x F,  but on paper I can't see any advantage of the OH x F 
over betulifolia.(I suspect there weren't the more winter hardy strains 
known back when there was as scramble for more decline resistant stocks 
after the pear industry's  decline disaster several decades ago. What was 
the rootsock that caused the loss of so many pears back then, was it 
Thanks for any help on this
Kevin Bradley

<html><DIV>Kevin Bradley </DIV></html>

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