[NAFEX] Re: fundraising

Doreen Howard gardendiva at charter.net
Wed Oct 20 15:24:35 EDT 2004

Tom Volkening wrote:
Regardless of whether the dues go up or Pomona is published in multiple 
formats, I think digitally archiving the back issues of Pomona is a good 
idea.  I like reading the current issues of Pomona in print but is likely 
that the only way I will see all of the issues published before I joined 
NAFEX is if someone creates an electronic archive that I can purchase on a 
cdrom or get access to online.   I know that Mother Earth News now sells 
collections of their back issues on cdrom.
I'm on my way out the door to catch a plane and will be gone until next 
Monday, but I'll throw this out.  Mother Earth News asked me to approach the 
NAFEX board about archiving all the Pomona issues and indexing them into a 
searchable data base.  It would be on the Mother Earth News website, but it 
would be linked to the NAFEX site.  Of course, MEN will benefit, but they 
will also do the heavy lifting.  I imagine that CDs of the NAFEX material 
would be for sale down the line with part of the profits going to NAFEX.  I 
threw this out to the board, and there was little discussion.  This may be 
the time to do the talking.

While I'm gone (son is getting married in Nevada), thrash this out amongst 
yourselves, decide if this is a good thing for NAFEX and put together a 
rough draft of a counter-proposal--what NAFEX expects, gives, etc.  I'll 
take it to the MEN publishers and we can negotiate from there. Please send 
the draft directly to my email address, below, so it doesn't get lost in the 
spam and listserv chatter.

MEN is also approaching California Rare Fruit Growers with the same 
proposal.  It would be great to have so much fruit information in one place.
Doreen Howard
gardendiva at charter.net

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