[NAFEX] Fundraising

Erdman, Jim ErdmanJ at uwstout.edu
Wed Oct 20 15:09:20 EDT 2004


Jim Fruth wrote:
>  Of all of the organizations that I am a member of AND of all that I am
>familiar with, NAFEX has the lowest dues of any.  Adding to that those
>participating in this internet group receive more worthwhile help than other
>organizations offer.  So, why do we have the lowest dues of any (that I am
>familiar with).  I think that our dues should not only allow us to regularly
>balance the books but to offer a surplus as well.  Would $25 per year do it?
>How about $30.........................?

That is getting into the range at which I would have to think long and hard about  renewing,  instead of just writing a check and sending it off.  Maybe have to do it a year at a time instead of 2 or 3 years subscription. At what point would the increased subscription cost mean fewer members?
Jim, in Menomonie, WI

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