[NAFEX] Re: fundraising

Claude Sweet hortventures at cox.net
Wed Oct 20 13:23:55 EDT 2004

It is interesting to sit back and watch how quickly several people have 
volunteered assistance and the support for POMONA being archived on 
CDs.  This could not have happened as quickly or as inexpensively using 
the mail or telephone to exchange ideas.

Please tell me why it is acceptable to archive the publication on a CD, 
but not to initially distribute the issues electronically?

I  doubt that members of this eforum would have any difficulty in  
accepting  electronic distribution of POMONA; however,  such a 
transition will  result in strong resistance to both the change in 
distributing publications and an increase in NAFEX dues.  I base this on 
my assumption that there are relative few NAFEX members participating on 
this forum.  I also believe this forum has proven to be a very valuable 
tool. perhaps even more valuable than POMONA.  This forum is available 
24/7/52 while the hard copy format requires time to prepare and 
distribute each of its 4 issues. Thus POMONA is unable to quickly 
respond to issues in a timely basis.  This is a basic difference that 
may appeal to a specific grower profile.  Understanding the needs of the 
target audience is critical to expanding and maintaining the base on any 

Memberships with a traditional printed publication tend to have 
relatively few people doing all the work.  An electronic forum, by its 
very nature, tends to attract people who are participants.  An 
electronic network is much less expensive to fund, but requires a higher 
level of computer skills of its volunteers.  Luckily there is affordable 
off the shelf software to create web sites and PDF files.

Any current version of word processing software should include a 
built-in feature to save as doc, PDF, or http files.  Anyone who is a 
teacher can purchase a full version of Adobe Acrobat for a much 
discounted educational price.

I assume that each POMONA issue is generated using word processing 
software.  If the publication goes electronically, I would suggest using 
desktop publishing software to produce a professional 8x11 magazine format.

There are several electronic horticultural publications that are 
currently being distributed. Bob Cannon <b.cannon at worldnet.att.net> is 
producing a relative new publication on tropical fruit.

The fourth issue of the new electronic format magazine Tropical
Visions has been posted. There are feature stories on mangos and tools.

Check it at:

Readers are welcome to send comments and material for publication.
Links to Vol. 1 No. 1, 2 & 3 of Tropical Visions are posted at:

Fran Gustman  edits Hort Resources.  It is a well produced publication 
that is electronically distributed.

Fran Gustman,  fgustman at juno.com <mailto:fgustman at juno.com>
> > Boston, MA, Zone 6
> > Editor, HortResources Newsletter, www.hortresources.org 
> > <http://www.hortresources.org/>

Claude Sweet
San Diego, CA


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