[NAFEX] Re: fundraising

Geoffrey Tolle gtolle at infinet.com
Wed Oct 20 11:39:48 EDT 2004


     I am new to this mail group and fairly new to NAFEX. I can do 
some scanning to help spread the load. I can also do some optical 
character recognition if we want to convert to text/html files as 
well. Also, If we, as a group, want to go the CD route (which I think 
is a marvellous idea), then we should invest in the program to produce 
the PDA files or HTML files. Perhaps a special donation would be 
called for.

                   Geoffrey Tolle

> Heron:
> Could we assign tasks to those who are interested? How much would it 
cost to
> purchase all the old issues from POMONA? Do you scan them?

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