[NAFEX] Re:Pomona on CD

Deb Schneider debs at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 20 09:54:31 EDT 2004

Hi Bruce

What I'll do is do a test run on a copy to see what it takes.  

Easier still...does whomever put the print issue together work from MS-Word (or other) computer files?  If so, I can convert those to MS-Reader format (comparable to PDF, with a free reader available for download..but without the high cost associated with the software needed to make the documents).  I may also be able to do PDF from software I already have, but will need to do some investigation.

Searchability would take a bit more time.  I believe, though, that MS-Reader has an XML component that would let me create and index as the articles were converted.  That would take more time and effort, but certainly would make the whole thing very accessible!

Being new, I don't know folks in the organization, so if you refer me to someone to get the files, please give me their name and contact info.  


Deb Schneider

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