[NAFEX] Apple Identification

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Why couldn't the apple have been planted later than the house was built.  Is
there evidence that they originated at the same time?

Steve Herje,  lone rock, WI
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> >Since Battleford was introduced about 1930 and this tree was planted in
> >about 1910, I doubt it could be Battleford.  Also the apple is very
> >Battleford is so tart in my opinion a person can arely even finish one
> >apple.  Usually after one bite a person doesn't take another with
> >Battleford.  pples of that size were extremely rare on the prairies,
> >especially at that time.
> Your right Bernie, 1910 is too early for Battleford, but my experience
> Battleford is that if eaten perfectly ripe, before going soft it is a good
> eating apple, not that tart.  Of course, taste is relative isn't it?
> I know from my discussions with the breeders at the U of S and the U of
> Minn, open pollinated seeds are tossed as garbage because 99% of the time,
> they seedlings usually are.  As you say, apples of that size were
> rare, and in 1910 there was pretty much only the Siberian Crab which was
> completely hardy.  This is why I have my doubts that it was a complete
> hardy, OP seedling of an apple such as McIntosh.  Apple breeding began at
> the U of S in the 1920's, so I'd wager that it is something that came out
> that early work.  It's only a guess however.
> It would be very interesting to get a sample of leaf and fruit to try to
> discover it's identity.
> Dean Kreutzer
> Regina, Saskatchewan Canada
> USDA zone 3
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