[NAFEX] ideas, oh ideas!

Heron Breen breen at fedcoseeds.com
Tue Oct 19 21:59:03 EDT 2004

Well, a few here and there...Okay, I definitely think there is some value to an 
electronic format, at least for catalogueing the past and offering compediums, 
which I would definitely buy, I mean a complete set, beginning to end. Having an 
online space for pictures, with links listed in Pomona, or an online version, is 
not a bad idea, but I would never substitute the tech for the papyrus. Paper will 
last, digital format is to changeable, obselete, and degradable. I want to be able 
to read Pomona when I lose electricity during our winter blizzards. 
But I think the concept of coming up with an advertising/fundraising item that is 
of interest to NON MEMBERS may be how we get more members and make money. The 
exchange on PDF and etc, made me think about an idea I pitched a few years ago: Is 
there any obstacles to a searchable, cd version of the Apples of New York, maybe 
the whole set? I saw that I think the Minnesota Grape Growers, or someone had done 
the Grapes of New York. The old copies are becoming, well, older, and rarer, and I 
know this can be done. I looked into doing the whole project and asked a few classy 
tech designers I know, and they agreed easy as pie. Pears, Peaches, Cherries, the 
whole caboodle...or has this already been done and I am the only fool who doesn't 
Here is the quandry I see: More people writing means more pages, means more cost, 
and more members means more copies printed and sent. I don't think membership alone 
will get financial solvency anytime soon. Many organizations use memberships to 
cover distances left by grants and endowments, as well as products sold, but the 
grants and endowments are a serious foundation element. This whole conversation 
makes me think a revised direction is in order.
I would hate to think that the only thing I have in common with the rest of you on 
line is fruit trees. There are lot of skilled hands here, and pens too. A larger 
discussion seems in order...is there any way this topic can be brought into the 
Pomona itself, and feedback solicited? This very type of Fast Moving Email stuff 
leaves the very Pomona we are speaking of in the dust. At this moment, probably two 
thirds of the membership doesn't even know this issue has come up.
Can we make a clear call to membership to be involved, raise funds, and brainstorm? 
I think there is a lot of sharing left in this organization.
Lastly, there is a lovely, tasty discovery I wrote about last fall. I named the 
apple Kiss of Shannon, and have since had taste tests with many fruit buffs and 
flavor hounds. The least stellar recommendation was: an excellent dessert apple. I 
will offer grafts for $18, and then shipping. The amount, minus rootstock cost, 
will be donated to NAFEX. I will also be rooting softwood cuttings of the tree 
(already met with success) and those will also be available, same charge. For more 
info, contact me off list. I will probably be only grafting standards, but may be 
budding smaller stock.
Lots said I know, bear with me,

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