Claude Sweet hortventures at cox.net
Tue Oct 19 18:13:37 EDT 2004


Without knowing the number members and the exact cost of printing and 
distributing the 4 publications, it is difficult to state that an 
increase to $18 would solve both the immediate and future deficient.

Fund raising ideas are fine for specific projects, but should not be the 
solution for closing the funding problems for the publications.

Increasing membership is the best short and long term solution; however, 
it does mean using the WWW as a doorway to acquire new members.  Those 
of us that use the computer and the web daily prefer to have information 
provided in a searchable format.

I am discarding publications because of a lack of space and the 
associated fire hazard of storing publications older than six months.  
Choosing to convert POMONA to an electronic publication would 
substantially reduce costs while allowing color illustrations to be 
incorporated into NAFEX publications.

In my opinion, demanding people write articles will not generate more 
articles.  Efforts to involve researchers write articles should be 
explored.  The problem is that many of the people who have acquired the 
expertise are too busy, too tired, or not comfortable putting their 
thoughts down on paper.

A possible solution is to consider having a staff of people who act as 
reporters, digital photographers, illustrators, editors, fact checkers, 
etc. interview people.  This is a standard practice, as most garden 
writers are not horticultural experts.  My suggestions is to look at the 
skills used to produce a horticultural publication for commercial 
distribution.  NAFEX may be a not for profit organization, but it is a 
business and as such it can not continue to operate for long with $5000 
a year losses.

Claude Sweet

Bruce Hansen wrote:

>We have four issues of POMONA a year. Perhaps we should raise the dues to
>$18.00 annually and demand that more folk write articles or at least make it
>fun. I think there are many folk who can tell a tale. Also what about
>raffles etc. I would through 20 bench grafts at the highest bidder.
>What say you?

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