[NAFEX] politics hmmm

Heron Breen breen at fedcoseeds.com
Tue Oct 19 17:10:21 EDT 2004

To all,
Farming and Land Use issues are very political topics, which many of us have
strong feelings about. "Outsourcing" is not a bad or good idea, but I feel that
the response to become more involved here stateside is a worthwhile option. I
believe the Fellow from India was just trying to be helpful, considering he can
do very little from where he is. I woul dlove to see an international article at
least once a year, either from him or others overseas, just to keep us on our
toes. There are plenty of gray areas that spark interest and conversation...I
wonder if avoiding them stifles some of the involvement that is lacking? Sticking
stictly to how an apple tastes good throws away some insightful research and
investigative reporting that is available. In terms of politics, neither
candidate has said one darn word concering farming or gardening or really the
state of nutrition in this country, so it seems to no longer register as
political. Both "sides" interested in such things have no one in their corner.

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