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Hi folks, I would like to get in on this conversation, but am experiencing tech
difficulties. This is a test..

On Tue Oct 19 15:01 , Pat Meadows <pat at containerseeds.com> sent:

>On Tue, 19 Oct 2004 15:31:47 -0400, you wrote:
>>Here is an idea. For you folk on the list, I will sell 20 antique apple
>>bench grafts on either Bud 9 or EMLA 111 to the highest bidder (bid must be
>>higher than $100.00). The winner pays shipping. For selection of varieties
>>see www.theapplebranch.com on GOOGLE. All of the proceeds of the raffle go
>>to NAFEX. Perhaps others could do the same.
>Expanding a little bit on my prior post, listing them on
>Ebay would cost a little (not much) but it would take care
>of the mechanics of an auction for you, and (I think) make
>it easier for you (and others similarly inclined).  It would
>also expand the number of possible bidders, of course.
>If NAFEX members sold items in this manner on Ebay, they
>could announce the sales on the mailing list.
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