Doreen Howard gardendiva at charter.net
Tue Oct 19 15:41:45 EDT 2004

Bruce Hanson wrote:

> Here is an idea. For you folk on the list, I will sell 20 antique apple
> bench grafts on either Bud 9 or EMLA 111 to the highest bidder (bid must 
> be
> higher than $100.00). The winner pays shipping. For selection of varieties
> see www.theapplebranch.com on GOOGLE. All of the proceeds of the raffle go
> to NAFEX. Perhaps others could do the same.
> What do you think.

I think it's a great idea, but 20 trees for someone with only 3/4 acre like 
me are too many.  How about auctioning off individual trees and setting the 
opening bid as $20 per tree, plus shipping?  That is a bargain for any tree, 
especially one that is a specific antique variety that one may want.

Also, on fund raising.  This summer at the annual meeting, many of us 
brought items for a silent auction.  I believe $600 were raised in this 
manner.  I get many free plants and products to test from manufacturers and 
cannot use them all.  I know several others on this list get free stuff, 
too.  Why don't we also auction off  our extras via the listserv?  I will be 
glad to do this when the deluge starts arriving in the late April.
Doreen Howard

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