Claude Sweet hortventures at cox.net
Tue Oct 19 12:16:43 EDT 2004

If the deficit is $5000 per year, how much of a dues increase is 
necessary to cover the deficit?

1000 members $5 per year
2000 members $2.50 per year

Surely even a $5 increase per year is worthy of consideration.

Another option is to maintain the current fee structure for an 
electronic distribution (online or downloaded PDF) and an optional fee 
to cover a hard copy and its mailing for those members who prefer not to 
receive the POMONA electronically.

Claude Sweet
San Diego, CA

baylands wrote:

>THAT IS ONE TERRIBLE IDEA! Why don't we outsource all of our fruit orchards
>to China and India? I'm sure they with their cheap labor can produce fruit
>cheaper than we do. Let's concentrate on ways to grow better fruit right
>here in the ole USA. I'd rather have my magazines published here too. If
>there are no other ways to cut costs on our operation here in America, my
>suggestion is to raise our dues to cover the NAFEX deficit. I'd sure like to
>get political on this but I won't. .......Ro Chapman

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