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Bernie Nikolai BNikolai at shaw.ca
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Hi Margie,
    Since Battleford was introduced about 1930 and this tree was planted in about 1910, I doubt it could be Battleford.  Also the apple is very sweet.  Battleford is so tart in my opinion a person can barely even finish one apple.  Usually after one bite a person doesn't take another with Battleford.  Apples of that size were extremely rare on the prairies, especially at that time.  They would have to be exceedingly hardy, and take many winters below -40C to have survived since 1910.   My best guess is it is a seedling of unknown origin.  And no Derry, Gravenstein is not at all hardy on the prairies, even topworked in Edmonton on a hardy stembuilder.  Mine always died the first winter when I tried grafting it.  Alberta pioneers often planted seeds of fruit trees, the vast majority would not make our harsh winters.  As an example as I look out the window, there is 10 inches of snow on the ground right now!  This is really early, even for Edmonton, but it does happen.  But the odd apple/plum would make it, and my guess is this is a seedling from one of the chance seedlings hardy enough to grow here.
Bernie Nikolai
Edmonton, Alberta
zone 3/2
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  Hello everyone. I am looking for suggestions on the possible identity of an apple cultivar growing on an old farmstead (built in 1910) in Alberta, Canada. The tree was probably planted about the time the house was built. The fruit diameter is 3 inches on average and the height is 2 inches. The skin is golden yellow with a reddish streaked overcolour. I cannot provide information on flesh colour as the samples I received were in poor condition. It is a very sweet apple but a poor keeper. Fruit on the part of the tree more exposed to sun ripen in mid August while those more in the shade do not ripen until mid September. Any ideas?


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