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In the book, THE HAZEL TREE,  author Cecil Farris writes the following:

In March, after several days of above 500 F (  10C), the catkins start to 
elongate to twice their dormant length. A close look at the elongating catkins 
will reveal lateral bracts that are studded with round, yellow, four hundreths 
of an inch diameter pollen sacs. The elongating catkins become very flexible. 
By the time the pollen sacs open, just a slight breeze will send clouds of 
yellow pollen swirling through the orchard (Fig. 16). This is not an efficient 
method of pollination so Mother Nature has required that large amounts of pollen 
must he expended for each nut that is set.

They are air pollinated. 

The book is published by The Northern Nut Growers Association. For pricing 
and availability contact Nancy Petitt, Trea. NNGA at npetitt at UDel.Edu  Non NNGA 
members $22 soft cover and $27 for the hard cover. At least back in 2002. 
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