[NAFEX] Blackberry Question - Doyle Thornless

Pete Tallman pete_tallman at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 17 11:39:14 EDT 2004

WRT Jim Fruth's question on Doyle Thornless hardiness in zone 3...  I'm not 
zone 3 but...

I fell for the hype and ordered a couple a few years ago. In the fine print 
in the instrucdtions received with the plants, it says [reading between the 
lines] canes are not hardy in zones 3 and 4 and need to be "protected for 
the winter", which means the canes need to be laid down and covered with 
heavy mullch to make it through the winter. My experience in my erratic Zone 
5 was the canes were not hardy here either and also needed protection.

I got them to fruit, but the flavor was never what I wanted to eat. I pulled 
out my plants.

However, since it is resprouting now from the roots, then if I follow the US 
patent law precident as it applies to computer software, I think I would 
legally be entitled to transfer my copy to you if you like, as long as I 
keep trying to destroy my copy.  :-)

Pete Tallman
Longmont, CO

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