[NAFEX] Orleans Reinette?

Joshua Van Camp jvancamp at tc3net.com
Sat Oct 16 13:59:34 EDT 2004

I had a question for those out there that know their apples.  I was out
last wee to the Treemendus Tree Farm in Eau Claire, MI.  They have a wide
selection of antique varieties for sale in the market.  I picked up quite
a few different types and one of the ones that I enjoyed the most was the
one that they had labeled Orleans Reinette.  It was a great apple.  I
started doing some more reading though and it seems as though the
descriptions that I have seen in several places are different from the
apples that I picked up at Treemendus.

Here is a link to a picture on their website:

Here are a couple of pictures of one I brought back from Treemendus.  The
first two pictures are taken without flash with a lighting that gives it
somewhat of a yellow hue.  The second two pictures are with flash on.


Here are some examples that I found on a few different places on the
Internet that seem to be different from the one that I have from

These apples seem to match the descriptions that I found.  Michael Clark’s
“Apples: A Field Guide” describes “dull green in the base color (which
turns golden), a faint flush of orange-red and indistinct broken red
stripes.  On the skin there is a mottled texture of russet with large
lenticel dots.”  The description in the “New Book of Apples” says “Slight
orange red flush, short red stripes, over gold, many russet dots, netting,
patches.”  Both sources mention that they are sometime confused with the
Blenheim Orange.  I would say that all of the examples that I brought back
were darker then the Blenheim Orange samples I also purchased.

The Orleans Reinette apples that I brought back are much redder then I
would think they would be based on the descriptions I have read in the two
above mentioned sources and elsewhere on the internet.  Does anyone have
experience with this apple being this dark?
I would not normally be so concerned if were not for the fact that I
enjoyed the apple I believe to be Orleans Reinette so much.  I would like
to plant one if I can confirm that was what I ate.

Any comments?
-Josh Van Camp
jvancamp at tc3net.com

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