[NAFEX] Re: Prickly Pear/Nopales

longdistshtr longdistshtr at shtc.net
Fri Oct 15 21:13:49 EDT 2004

I have a big one here in SoCar and get beautiful yellow
flowers, fruit and nopales.
Mine has spines which I singe off with a propane torch
before peeling and chopping and soaking in salt water
overnight. I like them mixed with eggs as an omelet and
served with salsa caliente.
The fruit is called tuna and has a lot of seeds which my
neighbors who have dentures, despise because the seeds get
under them. To me the taste is faint to insipid. I've never
tried the spineless varieties.
Healthwise, tunas and nopales/nopalitos, like psyllium
seeds, soluble fiber and pectin, have been credited with
binding with or physically removing hard fats from the
alimentary tract and may have some benefit for those
desiring to lower their cholesterol. Actually the ratio of
LDLs to HDLs is more important than total cholesterol. I
would suggest that not eating a lot of some things rather
than eating other single foods is more important to
cardiovascular health.
Doc Lisenby

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