[NAFEX] Sweet Cherry hardiness in Madison

Ed Forest edforest55 at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 14 20:20:47 EDT 2004

Miller Nurseries sells Kristin and
>says it is only hardy to zone 5.

(Hi Dan) Miller doesn't do much to research cold hardiness, in my opinion, 
so I would be skeptical. Kristin has had no dieback so far in Watertown, WI 
zone 4/5 after 6 years but it wasn't there when it was 30 below. It does 
have significant cracking though whereas Yellow Glass had barely any. I like 
Kristin a little better though for flavor. I have a Lapins and Kristin 
planted at Summit Co-op that has been there since 1996 and they have had no 
problems so far(except for vandalism) but we have had unusually mild winters 
lately. Rainier buds died first winte after buddingr. My Emperor Francis 
died last winter at Watertown but could have been due to flooding, I suspect 
winter injurty though.
Good luck with your project Dan
Kevin B

There does not seem to be any
>corroboration among people I know that sweet cherries can be, or are grown 
>in our area.  I've never seen one here.  We are actually less than 1/4 mile 
>from a large body of water and Madison itself is often listed as being in a 
>zone 5 island surrounded by zone 4.  Obviously we are somewhere between 4 
>and 5.  Anyone know if these varieties are hardy in zone 4, or if we would 
>be safe to plant them here?
>  Dan Durica
>Madison WI

<html><DIV>Kevin Bradley </DIV></html>

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