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Sat Oct 9 21:17:37 EDT 2004

From: "England's Orchard and Nursery " <nuttrees at prtcnet.org>
Date: October 9, 2004 12:43:02 PM PDT

This nursery and nursery operations will closed 3 November 2004.  I  ( 
Clifford England ) Have received orders to report to Active Duty 
Military ( Army ) 9 November 2004 for Operation Iraqi Freedom. 
  All Commitments that was and are pending this season and past 
seasons will be honored and made good up on my return.   We will be 
shipping trees this season till November 3 2004.  
My expected return date,  June 2006.      
I want to thank all Customers for there support and patronage in the 
past years.
Thank you for your support
Clifford England
I received Orders for active duty the week of Oct 6 2004 To report to 
Fort Jackson SC for 25 days for readiness screening and basic issue of 
clothing and gear then to Aberdeen Proving grounds for 25 days train up 
in route to Operation Iraqi Freedom !!!!!! for the period of 545 day  
 Knew it was possible,   just did not know how possible.  
Thank you

Clifford England

                         England's Orchard and Nursery

  316 S.R. 2004    McKee, Kentucky 40447     pH.  606 965 2228  / 

                  Specializing in exotic fruit and nut trees for 
alternative crops.

Chestnuts, Hazelnuts, Pecans, Walnut, Heartnuts, Hickories, Jujube, 
Persimmon and more.  

                        Planting the seed (nut trees) for the future.

        On the web   www.nuttrees.net  /  www.nut-tree-nursery.com 
  e-mail us   nuttrees at prtcnet.org  

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