[NAFEX] Chinese Che or melon tree

Ken Harnad kmh1960 at adelphia.net
Thu Oct 7 17:58:53 EDT 2004

hey stranger.
what's going on with you?  long time since we chatted.  hope all is well. 
regards, ken
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> My che fruit are pleasant enough to eat, mildly sweet and flavorful, but 
> they lack the tartness to pique my interest like many other fruit do. 
> Many of my friends agree, although a few have been more enthusiastic than 
> I.
> I will say for che though that it is certainly fun to show people such an 
> unusual fruit growing right by the garden.  Plus, che fruit go very well 
> with chocolate, but then, most things do.
> P.S.  For those of you enamored of my Albemarle Pippin (Newtown Pippin) 
> tree planted in the 1890's, it died this summer.  New trees grafted from 
> this tree may still be available at Rollin Wooley's nursery in Gloucester, 
> Virginia.
> David Consolvo
> Hungrytown, Albemarle County, Va.
> Zone 7 and rising
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