[NAFEX] Chinese Che or melon tree

David Consolvo fruitopia at nexet.net
Thu Oct 7 10:59:29 EDT 2004

My che fruit are pleasant enough to eat, mildly sweet and flavorful, but they lack the tartness to pique my interest like many other fruit do.  Many of my friends agree, although a few have been more enthusiastic than I.

I will say for che though that it is certainly fun to show people such an unusual fruit growing right by the garden.  Plus, che fruit go very well with chocolate, but then, most things do.

P.S.  For those of you enamored of my Albemarle Pippin (Newtown Pippin) tree planted in the 1890's, it died this summer.  New trees grafted from this tree may still be available at Rollin Wooley's nursery in Gloucester, Virginia.

David Consolvo
Hungrytown, Albemarle County, Va.
Zone 7 and rising 

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