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The best way I've found with my Cornus seems to be the way they do it in
eastern Europe.  Wait until the fruits are ripe enough to fall and shake
them, then spread them out and let them continue to ripen until the color
gets dark.  At that point, depending on the variety, they will range from
tart like a pie cherry to actually sweet.  That after-ripening seems
critical to get them at their best, though.  I had quite a few from my
various trees and seedlings this year, but didn't do that much with them,
just sampled and experimented.  I've been growing a row  of seedlings from
material from Romania.  Of those, none has big fruit, though some have
prodigious quantities, with five and more fruits to a cluster.  The large
fruited ones I have are showy, but don't produce the sheer quantity of fruit
the best small fruited seedlings do.  Though if I weighed them all, the crop
of the large fruited types might weigh as much as that of a comparable small
fruited (but productive) type.  That will have to be next year's project -
most of the fruit is gone now.
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Does anyone have a good jelly recipe (Hector maybe?)  for cornus mas.
In particular Im wondering if their is any kind of prep I need to do to
slake the astringency from the fruit.  Also Im keen on finding a
version that is eastern european in origin.  We've been searching
romanian sites & find a number of manufacturers for cornul jelly but so
far no old family recipes. We had a great year & the birds so far seem
not to like them.  I was shocked to visit the Olbrich Gardens arboretum
in Madison WI a month ago or so & see that they had 25 year old trees
lining a long walkway, planted as a very high hedge.  They were loaded,
there had to be 100s of lbs of fruit hanging & I'd be willing to bet no
one does anything with them.  ~mIEKAL

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