[NAFEX] home orchard problems

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Thanks Lon, I think your thoughts are what happened to my Liberty. I was not
aware that there are different strains of scab. We also forget that there
are different degrees of resistance even within a disease resistant variety.
The extreme numbers of conditions and circumstances that can affect fruit
trees are what make orcharding a fascinating art and science....Ro Chapman



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Contrary to what most people think, Liberty is NOT immune to scab.  It has
high resistance, but  it can get some scab under extreme conditions.  Also,
the type of resistance it has could be overcome if new strains of scab
arise.  The scab might not be as extensive as the older forms, but it would
be there.

Bob, thanks for the answers. I don't think that it was russet. I have a
number of russeted varieties and the russet usually appears spread evenly
over all or part of the apple. What appeared on the Liberty apples were
individual spots spread thickly (not evenly) over the apples. They were 1/8
to 1/4 inch diameter black spots.

Ro Chapman

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