[NAFEX] home orchard problems

tanis cuff tanistanis at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 3 15:56:55 EDT 2004

Can any orchardists personally visit the orchard?  A grower might be able to 
see some indicators which weren't initially considered important, let only 
described in the first email.  Nothing like being on-site to say "Well, 
THERE'S your problem!"

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From: David Baldwin Subject: Re: [NAFEX] home orchard problems
Date: Sun, 03 Oct 2004 08:04:53 -0300

 > The following years I picked fewer and fewer,
 > and the last few years, almost none at all.

Interesting question!

There isn't a lot said about what the bloom has been like,
but assuming the insecticide was used after bloom, (and not
during bloom) then there must have been bloom... (However,
using Imidan that regularly wouldn't be considered IPM

There is mention of using Ephithon. I presume that this is a

Jacquelyn Kuehn wrote:
 > Dear NAFEXers,
 > Here's a question I received from a member, and wanted to put to you:

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