[NAFEX] home orchard problems

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Sat Oct 2 23:48:25 EDT 2004

Bob, thanks for the answers. I don't think that it was russet. I have a
number of russeted varieties and the russet usually appears spread evenly
over all or part of the apple. What appeared on the Liberty apples were
individual spots spread thickly (not evenly) over the apples. They were 1/8
to 1/4 inch diameter black spots.

Ro Chapman

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Are you sure it was scab?  I have seen Liberty with some russet on the
fruit.  Some people may mistake the
russet for scab.  Russet sometimes on non-russet apples can be caused by
freezing at a certain time after
blooming and I don't remember just when.  Also some sprays when applied
shortly after blooming can cause some

Bob Hartman
Western Washington

baylands wrote:

> I'm surely not an expert on this, but doesn't most of the fruit literature
> advise that fruit trees on dwarfing root stock have about a 20 year life
> expectancy? It would seem to me that your trees have grown old.
> I have a mixture of apple trees on dwarf, semidwarf and standard
> Last year was the biggest crop of apples that I have had since starting
> orchard 15 years ago. The fruit was so heavy that many of the limbs were
> breaking from the trees. This year 90% of the trees have no fruit at all.
> The heavy crop last year stressed them too much. The trees are very
> I've summer pruned so that they will be discouraged from overbearing next
> year after their year off this year. (The trees were of many different
> varieties ---- heirloom and new disease resistant types.)
> I have a question. My 14 year old Liberty Apple (scab resistant) has been
> without scab since it started bearing. Last year the heavy crop had what
> appeared to be heavy scab on all the apples. This year with a very small
> crop there was once again no evidence of scab. Why? What happened? Did it
> lose its resistence for one year and then get it back again?
> Ro Chapman
> The Baylands
> Port Clinton, Ohio     Zone 5

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