[NAFEX] home orchard problems

Bob Hartman hartmansfruittrees at wport.com
Sat Oct 2 23:04:28 EDT 2004


Are you sure it was scab?  I have seen Liberty with some russet on the fruit.  Some people may mistake the
russet for scab.  Russet sometimes on non-russet apples can be caused by freezing at a certain time after
blooming and I don't remember just when.  Also some sprays when applied shortly after blooming can cause some

Bob Hartman
Western Washington

baylands wrote:

> I'm surely not an expert on this, but doesn't most of the fruit literature
> advise that fruit trees on dwarfing root stock have about a 20 year life
> expectancy? It would seem to me that your trees have grown old.
> I have a mixture of apple trees on dwarf, semidwarf and standard rootstock.
> Last year was the biggest crop of apples that I have had since starting the
> orchard 15 years ago. The fruit was so heavy that many of the limbs were
> breaking from the trees. This year 90% of the trees have no fruit at all.
> The heavy crop last year stressed them too much. The trees are very healthy.
> I've summer pruned so that they will be discouraged from overbearing next
> year after their year off this year. (The trees were of many different
> varieties ---- heirloom and new disease resistant types.)
> I have a question. My 14 year old Liberty Apple (scab resistant) has been
> without scab since it started bearing. Last year the heavy crop had what
> appeared to be heavy scab on all the apples. This year with a very small
> crop there was once again no evidence of scab. Why? What happened? Did it
> lose its resistence for one year and then get it back again?
> Ro Chapman
> The Baylands
> Port Clinton, Ohio     Zone 5

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