[NAFEX] Lorrette Pruning fully online

Teghtmeyer, Suzanne R srt175f at smsu.edu
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If you go to the HELP window, you can find out how to adjust the system.
You can also explore downloading the files to your computer by adding a
title to your 'Bookbag', and then either downloading or emailing the
item. Don't be afraid to explore (NAFEXers are inherently explorers!)
within the program to find what you want. Also, you can always mail the
CHLA contact people and ask for help - compliers almost always like to
talk about there projects!
FYI, on the HELP page under 'Other topics' is the following...

OCR text vs page images 

CHLA materials have been encoded in a simple SGML form (a 40 element DTD
conforming to the TEI Guidelines). This data includes the document text
from the OCR process. Many users have asked if they can have access to
the plain, uncorrected OCR text. We believe that in most cases people
will still want to look at the page images of the books, but have
decided to make the text available to users so they can save it, cut and
paste, and to use the "find" feature on their Web browsers to locate a
word on a page. We think that this will be of benefit to our users.
If you want to view the plain text, there are a couple of ways to
accomplish this:
Page by page viewing: Go to the desired page and choose "view as text"
from the view as menu in the toolbar at the top. As you move forward or
back in the work, you will continue paging through plain text until you
choose another "view as" option (such as image or pdf).
Entire books: You may choose to view an entire book in plain text by
selecting the 'view as text' option.  The file can be saved by selecting
the 'save' option in the browser's File menu. By default, the file will
be saved as HTML, which can be viewed with a web browser (text will not
be broken up by line or page -- it is one large block of text). You can
also change the file extension to .txt to save as text for viewing with
a text editor or word processor (this preserves line and page breaks).
Please be aware that some of these texts are as long as 1,000 pages and
will take a long time to download, particularly over a modem. Such a
large download may also crash your Web browser.
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Is the whole book available in a single PDF file on their server?
I only seem to be able to view it page by page as image, text or PDF.
On Thu, 30 Sep 2004 19:44:42 -0500, Teghtmeyer, Suzanne R  
<srt175f at smsu.edu> wrote:
> A few weeks ago someone mentioned the book, The Lorette System of
> Pruning by Louis Lorette. Martin Hopkinson & Co., London: 1925.
> It is available online in it's full glory at:
> Full text of this work courtesy of the Core Historical Literature of
> Agriculture (CHLA), Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University.
> There are multiple ways to view the book - by the images, in pdf
> or just read the text. Mann Library did a great job.
> Many of their other 'digitized' books that are fruit-related are
> on my fruit & grape websites,
> http://library.smsu.edu/paulevans/
> Enjoy!
> ----Suzi Teghtmeyer
> Paul Evans Library of Fruit Science
> Missouri State Fruit Experiment Station and Mid-America Viticulture
> Enology Center,
> Southwest Missouri State University, Mountain Grove Campus
> Evans Library Homepage: http://library.smsu.edu/paulevans/
> AgNIC Viticulture site:
> http://library.smsu.edu/paulevans/viticulture1.shtml
> Email: srt175f at smsu.edu
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