[NAFEX] natural dwarfs as rootstocks

Ed Forest edforest55 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 29 21:35:43 EST 2004

I don't have any experience with such a project but, like most of us 
amateurs, I'm always ready with an opinion: I think it makes sense, M 
robusta 5 has been used by Cummins as a parent due to its hardiness, woolly 
apple aphid resistance, and other factors if I recall. I wonder if he 
considered some of the natural dwarfs as roostocks, some of them may not 
have been out when he began his breeding. I do seem to recall that  Meteor 
cherry has been used as a hardy semi dwarfing stock for sweet cherry and 
sour cherry, so why not use nat semi dwfs with apples? It can't be that hard 
to get a few scions to root and do some experiments, (or can it?) if you 
would like to coordinate something like that with me let me know.
Kevin Bradley
PS, I've seen a Kerr that was about 20 ft tall in N Dakota so I don't think 
that would be the best one to start with. Most of the naturally dwarfing 
apples seem to be naturally SEMI dwarf around 12 - 15 feet.
PS Are you aware of Malus micromalus? It has been sold for many years by 
wholesalers but I have never heard of anyone trying it.
Also, Beautiful Arcade might be worth some trials here, there should be 
plenty of info from Canada on that one  where it has been used for some 
Don't know nuttin about sergenti or pumila.

You wrote:
I am wondering if anyone has any experience with or opinions about using 
dwarfing seedling apple crab "species" such as Malus kerr, pumila, or 
sargentii as
rootstock to impart dwafing and maintain hardiness. These are reasonably 
hardy and
sargentii is something like a 10 foot shrub. Will grafting cultivars onto 
seedlings impart these desired characteristics?
Heron Breen
Maine Zone 4

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