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'Ello, All!
	How's it going?  Thank you so much for all the info on Johnny Appleseed.
 What I thought was a simple question has turned into a fascinating
story.  Spoiled by modern refrigeration, I hadn't thought of food
preservation as a reason for vinegar and alcohol, I mainly thought of
salt, smoking and lemon juice.
	Depression runs in the male side of my family, and I self-medicated with
alcohol for 20 years born in '53], heavy drinker, until I quit in '95 and
started taking Zoloft in '97, which allowed me to return to college and
get a degree in physiological psychology with a trauma certificate.  So
that was a major reason for my curiosity, i.e., was he just a drunk,
possibly also with depression, as I also "eschew money and material
wealth in general", beyond what was/is needed for my research projects,
such as my promotion of using lightning as a free energy source.  I know
the limitations and the solutions for them.  Even if it produces only 10%
of our energy needs, it is a free 10%.  No fuel costs or conversion
losses.  I had learned most apple seeds do not produce trees with edible
apples, but were there other aspects I did not realize?  Obviously, there
were.  Curiosity keeps us young, in my humble opinion.  Thank you all
again [English needs a plural "you"  hahaha].  Have a Good One!  Love,
Peace and Perception

Saint Louis, Missouri

P.S.:  Another Dubya!  hahaha

On Sat, 20 Nov 2004 20:52:20 -0500 "Regina Kreger" <regina at kreger.net>
> Daggone it, Heron, now you've got me curious about that OTHER George 
> W. Bush
> & the Giant Butternut -- what's the link? I don't find any stories 
> at Burnt
> Ridge's website. Are you pulling our leg?
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> Hi All,
> >From a few different sources, and with the details all gone fuzzy 
> in my
> head, I
> have read that Johnathan Chapman was a vegetarian, and a 
> non-drinker. While
> this
> does not preclude him from planting trees for cider for other folks, 
> other
> situations seem to explain his behavior. Apparently he was part of a
> Christian
> sect, and I cannot recall which, maybe someone out there can remind 
> me, and
> his
> behavior, like vegetarianism, was totally bizarre for many people of 
> the
> day. He
> eschewed money and material wealth in general, beyond what was 
> needed. He
> also had
> many ideas on nature that apparently involved not pruning trees 
> because it
> was
> against divine guidance or natural way (? just a hypothesis, since I 
> am not
> privvy
> to the religious sect).
> Many sources have concluded he was basically a religious, possibly 
> mentally
> ill,
> real estate developer. He would continue farther into the unsettled 
> regions,
> establishing orchards/nurseries, and the arriving settlers would 
> have to buy
> out
> his claim, usually in the best sites. The price paid was fairly 
> small, but
> enough
> to live off of, and he would take the younger stock and seeds and 
> continue
> to the
> next perfect spot and wait. I believe he was not grafting as it 
> seems
> against the
> above doctrine of no pruning, but I could be wrong. But established 
> stock to
> topwork and make cider and vinegar from were definitely a needed 
> commodity
> by a
> settler family, vinegar and cider being as good as money in a barter
> economy,
> vinegar especially surprisingly.
> I think it may be this person's religious conviction and lack of 
> social
> skills that
> got him his mythical status.
> Burnt Ridge Nursery has a similarly seemingly unbelievable story of 
> another
> nursery/grafter/farmer/black man/Oregon Trail person in their Winter 
> 2004
> catalog.
> This person, named George W. Bush no less, lived a life that seems 
> beyond
> human.
> Check this story out: George makes J. Seed seem pretty normal. PG 
> 27, story
> called:
> George W. Bush and the Giant Butternut.
> Happy Thanksgiving,
> Heron Breen
> Zone 4
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