[NAFEX] Legend, Myth Or Both?

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>   I saw a program a few years ago that stated that Johnny Appleseed, who
> legend says spread apple seeds throughout a large area to supply food for
> people, was actually planting apple seeds so that hard cider could be
> produced. 

Hello all,

A few years back at one of the annual NAFEX meetings we had a Johnny 
Appleseed historian give a presentation. He said at that time one could get free land 
from the US Gov. with the only stipulation was you had to do something with 
it, not just hold it.  Also he went around the country helping people establish 
orchards and did custom grafting. 

Apparently in Chapman's travels he would get a patch of free land and plant 
apple seeds for trees. That way when asked by the Gov. what he was doing with 
this piece of ground or that he could honestly say planting apple trees. Yes, 
that is being a smart business man. 

Editorial: Even back then there were people who figured out how to take 
advantage of Gov. programs, legally. Little doubt in my mind some of the settlers 
made apple beer, but this presenter gave no hint of apple beer being a goal.  
It was my opinion the main goal was building personal wealth by obtaining free 
land and selling his hort. services.   


PS. There is a very fine apple beer made in England, imported and sold in the 
US, "Kingfisher."      Try it. 
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