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I went looking and found the nail that finished the coffin of hard cider  
after prohibition...

Hard Cider's Mysterious Demise
"Federal alcohol regulations of 19??, for unexplained reasons,
cider was expressly prohibited for sale if it contained any added
preservatives. What made this suspiciously noteworthy is that
wine and beer were not subject to the same restrictions. They
could continue to be sold across state lines even though they
contained sulfites and other preservatives. Only cider was so
restricted. The result, of course,  was to forestall the
redevelopment of any cider industry. This explains why today
cider can be sold at farm stands but that there is only a tiny
cider industry which is just now trying to become national. It is
hard to avoid the conclusion that the beer industry did its part
to make sure that cider would never again become America's
favorite low alcohol drink. "

The temperence movement was a major issue, but the above regulation  
prevented the industry from recovering after prohibition was repealed.

I guess my memory is better than I thought.


On Sat, 20 Nov 2004 09:00:07 -0500, Dylan Ford <dford at suffolk.lib.ny.us>  

> From: <list at ginda.us>
> "Hard cider in the US died
> during prohibition, and urbanization prevented it from coming back - it
> was a product usually produced by each household, not a commercial
> product."
> Ginda  - speaking of apple liquor and prohibition - years ago an elderly
> friend told me that during prohibition when
> many folks hankered for a drink, cider could be bought in a container  
> which
> carried a boilerplate warning that went something like, "Do not keep this
> product in a warm place, and when bubbling ceases allow to freeze and  
> drink
> the unfrozen portion!"
> dylan
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> pollution
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